…why “The Perfect Blend”??


I am sure you saw the Logo on the page, “The Perfect Blend”. I wanted to blog a little about this because the Logo has so much meaning to it. It will also give everyone an idea of our expectations for our “wedding” and also help everyone understand why we have chosen a less traditional way of doing things.

Typically, when one is getting married there are 2 people involved. The 2 people making up the “couple”. They say their vows and dedicate their lives to one another. In our situation, there are 3 people involved, being Jacob, myself and Chandler. Obviously, this is not “traditional” in many ways.  We are not “Tying the Knot” as so many people say…because the knot is made of two stings. But instead, we are “blending” our family.

We believe with Love, trust and dedication we are…“The Perfect Blend”.

🙂 Michelle


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