Party Planning….

It looks like the count down has begun and we are up and rolling. All of you will be receiving invitations from one party to the next. 🙂 Talk about stress. We decided to make all of our invitations. Granted, some are easier than others but when you have a 6 year old running around and envelopes to address because you want the “personal touch”…it gets hard.

I have finally finished the invitations for the Engagement party. YEAH!! They are simple in style but very much an image of Jake and I. Of course, Chandler thought I should do pink, because it is my favorite color. BUT I believe that all of you have seen enough Pink associated with me. Don’t worry, we are not leaving the color out.

We have added an RSVP Page on the website. Of course, this allows us to keep up with who all is going to be able to celebrate with us and who your guest might be.  This is important because we will have assigned seating. You know me, organization is the key. 🙂 If you have a preference of someone you would like to sit with, please let me know. Everyone will be close together and sharing in the events for the evening.

Chandler will be at the engagement party. We are really emphasizing that Chandler is heavily involved in every event. He is also a big part of this commitment, that we are all excited to make. Please take the time to congratulate Chandler on his new family. He has a very excited and heavily involved future step dad…something he is super excited about. One word of caution…”POOP”. Unless you want to be in a very long conversation and Chandler is likely to end up sitting in time out for the remainder of the party.

Of course, if you all have specific questions, you can leave them in the comments or email them to me. I am very excited to see all of you.

Love you all! -ME

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